Is the strict implementation of domestic Chinese herbal medicine GAP requirements on the first successful scale of the organization of cattle vigor, soil Fuling, Tian seven, Hainan Huanghua Li, Hainan incense, Qi Nan incense, Taiwan Lime and a variety of precious tree seedlings. The company is the Tropical Academy of Agricultural Sciences in the river research and research base, Guangdong South cattle cattle vigor and the introduction of domesticated base. Years of experience in the cultivation of cattle, has been the development of planting tissue ...
    Efficient Planting Method of
    Bovine vigor is a perennial vine shrub plant, "South gi..
    How to plant cattle vigorously to hi..
    Cattle vigorously in China's industrialization is not complete, there are some farmers in the understanding of..
    The Effect and Function of
    Cattle vigorously produced in the South of Chinese herbal medicine, mainly wild, and now also artificial culti..
    Chinese medicine cattle vigorously p..
    Seed seedlings are formed by the germination of Chinese, generally only a main root, if there is a break, it w..